About Us


Toolcraft manufactures the finest quality AR10, AR15 & M16 bolt carriers at the most competitive price.

It is the mission of Toolcraft Inc. of North Carolina to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through continuously improving our products and services with 100% customer satisfaction as our goal.

We will accomplish that mission by putting together a team of dedicated employees, who are quality minded and trained for the task. Focusing on our customers and really caring about their satisfaction.


Toolcraft met ISO standards in 1997 and re-certified for 9001-2015 standards with a scope production machining grinding of precision parts made to customer blueprint specification serving the military and aerospace industries.

Because of Toolcraft’s location in McDowell County, we are qualified to be a certified HUB-Zones based company.


North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are a series of number codes that attempts to classify all business establishments by the types of products or services they provide.

Toolcraft’s NAICS codes fit within the broad sectors of the NAICS system. This sector is between 31-33 under manufacturing. Our primary NAICS code is 332994 but there are many others we are qualified to produce.

For a clearer picture of who we are and to view all of Toolcraft’s NAICS codes, go to CCR Search and search our cage code 1B1B6